Our elective general radiology revealing administrations give a totally adaptable and savvy alternative for clinics and imaging focuses to accomplish and keep up phenomenal turnaround times notwithstanding for routine cases.

Regardless of whether it is a long haul befuddle between your staffing levels and case volumes or on account of a transient circumstance like a get-away or disease, any deficit in your detailing limit can be settled effortlessly by utilizing our completely adaptable day in and day out scope for all modalities.

Our turnaround time of 3 – 4 hours, notwithstanding for routine cases for the duration of the day and night, will imply that the alluding clinicians can settle on those exceedingly critical administration choices expeditiously and enormously enhance persistent results.

We offer  high-quality Radiology online reporting service detailing administration to the customers with our accomplished and aptitude elective general radiology subspecialist who are prepared on the radiology. We offer round the clock radiology case reports inside 1 hour for any nighthawk radiology and crisis cases whenever, which is day and night. We utilize Digital Radiography which is a propelled innovation for x-beam imaging where advanced x-beam sensors are utilized to catch. Our second conclusion administrations will do thorough investigation on imaging contrasted with the past radiology imaging with give a nitty gritty answer to answer any inquiries. Offering administrations at day, end of the week, get-away and nighthawk detailing makes the teleradiology the best in the business. We offer radiology doctor and radiology focus at any areas inside close-by spots to the customers and patients giving subspecialist radiologists on pediatric radiology, radiology ultrasound, atomic outputs, X Ray Radiography, Digital X Ray System ,  Diagnostic Radiography , CT, MRI and positron outflow tomography (PET).